Build and launch profitable SaaS business

Without external investments and tech skills
SaaS - is a future concept story. In short, one can put it like that: to receive a good, it’s enough to use one, and not necessary to own one. So, you have decided to make some money or create something amazing: welcome to the SaaS business!


About the book

This book is a result of the successful work of the author in the SaaS field and a compilation of knowledge required for online product companies to achieve success in any market niche.

It contains detailed instructions on building an online product - from an idea and market research to software development and process management.

Upon reading “Build and launch profitable SaaS business” you will get insights on how the SaaS industry functions and receive a guide that will help you to avoid many mistakes on the way to success.


For whom?

This book is created for people with various backgrounds, namely:

  • People without technical education or experience who seek to launch their own IT company

  • Software developers who look for structured information on starting their own products

  • Product company owners to structure their knowledge

  • Anyone interested in advertising online company without a revolutionary idea and investors

About the author

Kateryna Myroniuk is a successful businesswoman. She knows the SaaS industry from both sides - as the head of a marketing agency and the founder of a SaaS company.

Although she has been interested in the Internet world since her childhood, when at the age of 12 Kateryna launched her first web site, she has acquired experience in Internet business later, in the process of online advertising for multinational companies.

As a result, she has created her own SaaS product without a technical background and made her way from an online product idea to launching it on the market.

Make the first step to your own SaaS business

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